how to add paypal button to blogger|step by step guide|

 how to add paypal button to blogger

I'm gonna show you how to add a PayPal button to your website or blogger 

how to add paypal button to blogger
how to add paypal button to blogger

it will only take 2 minutes and you don't need any specific skills to do it first of all let's go to all and choose the PayPal button widget from list 

Next step :

 Click create widget So let's create your widget begin by choosing a template that suits your case best. Click continue with this template. To set up your PayPal button you need to choose one of 3 available payment types on the payment tab check out donation or subscription.

 After that 

 choose localization currency and donations from. Finally you can customize the widget size the design on the button and style tabs that's it your widget is ready also you can check other settings to adjust layout size colors and fonts click to join to install to add the widget to your website or blogger log in or sign up to outside apps this is free no credit card required.

 After you sign up you'll see the widget that you have just created click save. The next step is to choose your subscription plan.  

how to add paypal button to blogger
how to add paypal button to blogger

Click on the code a copy yet. And go to your website admin panel. After you logged into your blogger admin panel go to pages and select the required page. Rest HTML button to open the pages HTML editor next page the widgets code to HTML source editor window impressed update. If you don't see your home page in the last 10 pages you need to add the code directly to the body of the page go to theme section click on the dock icon. And select edit HTML. Find body tag and paste your installation code before the closing body tag.

 To make the widget display only on the home page paste these specific tags before and after the installation code. Save the changes. Go to the page to check your widget. 

This is how easy I hope you enjoyed our today's article about how to add paypal button to blogger

If you need any help you can comment under this article or message me on my social networks I will feel happy to help you guys 

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