feedjit location|complete guide|

 feedjit location|complete guide|

it's actually a widget and it's a live traffic feed widget that will absolutely help you in analyzing who is actually going to your website pretty much and how are they getting that's why I love about this plugin 

it is a plugin for wordpress and what it is is you basically have to download this  

feedjit location|complete guide|
feedjit location|complete guide|

 it show real time traffic source  

 there are people coming from all over the world going to your blog what happens is you're actually going to see who is coming to your website and where they're coming from  

   You can select your color theme and you can pick up from your different schemes of colors depending on what your blog color scheme is and you will go by that, You know you want to pick your color scheme and then what you do is you go to select the width of your widget and the height you know the number of visitors says a number visit you want you can see we got up to 10 so you could do a 10 visitors will see in a little pop up there like you see on the right hand side over here you'll see that and then after you're done you just click go and it will give you ads like type of Java script or something like a code and that's an embed code you're gonna grab that and you go to put that either in your your blog where you actually have it featured on the right hand side so this is what it will look like.  

feedjit location|complete guide|
feedjit location|complete guide|

 another cool thing about it that you can know real time views we create blog posts because we like to study and analyze where traffic is coming from  

 this will help you decide what type of blog posts you should upload

   certain parts of the world in the country and then you see were sent from Google that means that they're actually distance traffic is coming from Google  

 you can see where traffic is coming from and then you decide you want to keep it. Or you want to just eliminate it pretty much what is it going to make a difference between making a sale in getting conversions  

 all depends on what you got what your offer is going to be  

I hope you enjoyed our article about 

feedjit location|complete guide| if you need any suggestion or you want to know more regarding this topic you can comment under this post or ask your questions on our social networks I will feel happy to help you guys 

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