how to make your blog post go viral

 how to make your blog post go viral?

how to make your blog post go viral
how to make your blog post go viral

The internet is a huge space that caters to many needs of people, and there are millions of people who are trying to promote their writing through the same. Blogging is not only an exercise of writing stuff and putting it up on the internet anymore. Bloggers hope to showcase their writing skills and also make money out of it. To make sure that the blog is doing everything that it has to do for the blogger, it is necessary that the people make sure that the blog is popular enough.

Here are a few tips that will make blog posts go viral:

Better promotion: This does not mean sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Of course these sites are important parts of any promotion activity, but it is important that the people from other networks know about it too. Quora, Tumblr, Empire Avenue and other such websites are very useful to get the blog to quality readers. These readers will recommend the blog to their circles to make it go viral on the internet.

Adding other media: text is not the only feature of a blog anymore, it is important that a blogger understands that he needs to incorporate photographs, videos and also audio elements in the blog. This adds to the interest quotient of the blog making it all the more appealing to the people who are about to read it. It also makes the message a lot clearer and gets the point across. It is one of the tricks that can be used to make the blog post popular and noticed. There are many applications that also assist the bloggers with the same. Audio synchronisation, insertion of pictures etc. is made easy with the help of these tools.

Headline: this is the most crucial part of the blog. May be a lot more crucial than the entire blog itself. It is essential to make sure that the headline is a good one and compels the readers to go to the site and read the blog. The headline is that part that is visible to everyone in forms of links and much more, either it has to be to the point, or just downright interesting and curiosity generating.

Reader’s choice: Ask your readers what they want and then write that for them. This makes any blog post spread like a forest fire. This is because the people get to see what they want and are most likely to relate to it. While promoting such a blog post it is important that the mention of it being the reader’s choice is present. As that will make people relate a lot more to the blog. Sometimes it can be the masterpiece or even that break that every blogger is looking for. The readers who have voted for the topic will also be an instrumental tool in sharing the post.

It is true that bloggers have to now take care of the promotions and publicity of the blogs, but it is also important for them to make sure that the crux is in place. Content is king and nobody has a choice out of that, if a bad blog is promoted very well, it will reduce the credibility of the blogger as well as his blog. He will not only lose readers but also repel new ones.

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how to make your blog post go viral

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