how to drive traffic to your blog 2021

 how to drive traffic to your blog 2021

how to drive traffic to your blog 2021
how to drive traffic to your blog 2021

Setting up a new blogs is relatively easy compared to setting up a full-blown website. With blogs, you don’t need to learn complicated programming languages or discover how to make file transfers between servers and the protocols that comes along with it. Blogs let you be a part of the World Wide Web in a fraction f the time it takes to get a website up and running. But when you finally are ready with your new blog and looking fro ways to monetize it, the first issue that is of primary importance is how to drive traffic to your new blog.

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Driving traffic to a new site, irrespective of blogs or site, is a totally different feat to master. There are many ways how you can drive traffic to a website and here are the top five ways.

Blog and Ping

Blogs can use the luxury of ping system where you get to “ping” or let the search engines know that there is a new post being made, or fresh content to be indexed. As soon as you ping the engines, you will get the spiders running to your site and checking out your new content. If those are fresh and original, the spiders will index it and store them in the search engine cache. Whenever someone searches for a term or keyword that is listed on these pages, your page will tend to show up displaying the search result as being relevant to the term being searched. Traffic from the search engines are highly relevant and are much coveted by the site owners.

Blog Directories

Blogs have their own blog directories for you to list your own blog as a way to drive traffic from these sites. Directories are frequented by thousands of people everyday and this is a great way to drive some of that traffic to your site.

Blogs Carnivals

Blogs carnival is another way of channeling traffic to your site. With blog carnivals, you actually get to introduce your blogs to the group of people with similar interests and they would come and visit your blog if they are interested. This is a great way to get some traffic to your site. Carnivals are a great way to get traffic to a new site.

Blog Comments

Visit other blogs in your niche and post intelligent comments on those blogs. The visitors to those blogs will be seeing those posts you can make and if they are good, they would click back on your link and visit yours as well.


Participating in forums is another good way to drive traffic and build loyal visitors to your blogs. People who join highly targeted forums have similar interests to yours and would likely be inetersted in your offer to visit your blog. Start by looking for five forums related to your niche and then join them. Participate in the discussion and post a link back in your signature file. Every time you make a post, the forum members would see your message and the signature link back to your blogs. If the posts are beguiling and interesting, they would most likely click on the link back to your site as well.

These are extremely simple ways to drive traffic to your blogs without spending too much money on paid methods of channeling traffic.


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